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Top 3 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is So Valuable


First and foremost, the biggest consideration for marketing your business is affordability and for small businesses, the options are limited. Perhaps this is a good thing considering that branding channels such as TV and out-of-home carry significant risk, particularly to those who are not seasoned to their role in the marketing funnel.

Barriers to access for digital marketing are low, in fact the costs start at zero, so long as you have the time and effort to invest. Whether it be SEO, content or email (inbound marketing), or low cost PPC (pay-per-click) display or social advertising (outbound marketing), the cost barriers are low enough to enable all businesses to take advantage.


As with most things’ money is a primary consideration, but it may surprise people to know that despite digital being cheaper than traditional marketing, it still benefits from being more targeted than any other medium. Digital marketing enables small businesses to really refine their efforts; to attract or go after a very specific audience either through SEO and content, or paid advertising such as PPC, display and social campaigns.

Let’s explore social advertising through Facebook for example. Facebook enables marketers and agencies to really focus on the personal attributes of their audience that they find valuable. This means there are options to find audiences who fit a certain NRS demographic (ABC1..), or who have certain interests, perhaps they like golf? You can target by age, by city, where they work, how often they travel, even using data of what they do outside of Facebook. These options aren’t just limited to Facebook either, they’re available to some extent or another across all the other social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. They’re also available outside of social including websites such as the Guardian, or BBC Food or perhaps some of your favourite blogs.

A real contender for targeted advertising is PPC (pay-per-click). Finding engaged users on search engines is invaluable as you can get your message in front of them at the very same time they are actively searching for it. We call this approach to marketing, bottom-funnel. Users here are in the mood to do a certain action and you can grab them at that point with specific keywords, and a specific message; the value of PPC to small businesses is truly invaluable.


The above point begins to talk to flexibility with PPC, and how you can reach users at a very specific point in time, when they’re ready to shop. Most will have heard of the three P’s of marketing, price, promotion, place (there are +4 other P’s we’ll ignore for now). The key point with flexibility is getting in front of your audience at the right time; this luxury isn’t always afforded with traditional advertising such as out-of-home and press. Through digital advertising, you can switch your ads on and off in a heartbeat. You can control who you target, when you target them, and how much you pay to target them. Through SEO and content, you have full control over how you build out your material and how it’s distributed. Want to reach a certain audience? Ensure your article contains interesting content and relevant keywords such as digital marketing.

Well there we have it, our top three picks for digital marketing kick starts the maiden post for the Faze Digital blog. If you enjoyed what you’ve read, please feel free to share and check back in a few days when we’ll have the next entry up. You can also subscribe or contribute by reaching out hello@fazedigital.co.uk

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