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Faze Digital Limited


UK Companies House Registration: 12195820


Search Engine Marketing

PPC advertising across Google & Bing along with SEO.


Keyword Results

Drive performance for meaningful keywords that bring in the right customers for your brand. Whether paid or organic media we'll implement process and strategy to drive a positive ROI.


Google Analytics

End to end measurement enabling you to see the fruits of your marketing investment. Reporting is offered as standard, we also provide bespoke research such as attribution and audience plans.


Daily Optimisation

Market and competitor activity can have a significant impact on the performance of your media investment. Having an eye for ROI optimising your media ensures that you're constantly one step ahead.


Cross Channel Activity

Digital is more integrated than ever meaning we can bring in data from your social media accounts and elsewhere to drive forwards your PPC performance. Join the dots of your consumer journey to reach them at the most appropriate of times.

PPC with Faze Digital

Advertising through Google Ads or the Bing network provides a unique opportunity to reach your consumers at a point when they’re actively searching for your products. Second to organic search, pay per click provides in most circumstances the most effective way to reach your customers for the purpose of driving a sale or action on your website. It should form a cornerstone of your digital strategy, alongside SEO.


What Is PPC

PPC, also known as pay per click, is a form of digital advertising that capitalises on audiences that are showing intent for a particular product or service. It is predominately shown in the major search engines when a user enters a relevant search query. The paid ads are shown alongside search engine results for the particular search. Advertising with PPC enables brands with low but developing SEO to appear at the top of the search page for their target audience when they're in the mood to engage with content related to your products.

    Keywords Results
    Google Analytics
    Cross Channel

    Faze Digital London

    Faze Digital is a performance agency, providing solutions to grow digital brand recognition and online conversion.

    We have extensive experience in the management of digital strategy, media execution and analytics. Through our partners, we also offer services across branding, content and copy. 


    What We Do

    - PPC
    - SEO
    - Social media
    - Shopper Management
    - Measurement and Analytics
    - Digital Strategy

    We can support your business navigate the murky world of digital, freeing your time to focus on other areas of your business. Contact us today to find out how we can support you.


    Where Have We Been?

    The Faze business is new, founded in 2019 but the experience we bring is second to none. With backgrounds including Havas, Publicis, Ensighten, Group M and more; working on brands including O2, Giff Gaff, Nike, Disney, IHG and Apple.