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We drive sales and leads for our brands through a combination of digital advertising, conversion rate optimisation and search engine optimisation. We also offer advanced analytics and digital consultancy to brands who require support without retained services.

Faze Digital work with many brands to provide expert media and marketing services covering PPC, SEO, display, social media marketing and more. 

We are largely focused on performance marketing techniques, that is marketing that delivers trackable results in the form of a sale or lead. 

As part of our offering clients are provided with Google Analytics free of charge and receive regular reporting outlining the performance of their marketing budgets and areas that are being optimised. 

90 Day Assessment
Media Spend Transparency
Client Retention
YoY ROI Improvement

Reach Your Audience Wherever They Are

Our team can activate media or implement digital strategies across all major marketing channels. This means we don’t lean on any single approach but will provide you with a broad strategy outlining all areas of opportunity. 

Typically campaigns will run across the major search engines through our SEM process and we will provide content and onsite strategy to complement this. In addition we actively encourage A/B testing whereby numerous strategies run simultaneous with robust analytics to measure the incremental uplift delivered from them. This enables us to continue to refine our strategies and improve the quality and volume of traffic and therefore leads or sales driven on your website. 

Engage Prospects With Effective Media

Cutting through with effective media is the cornerstone of good advertising and content. Faze Digital are experts in creative execution across all digital formats including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Display Networks and more. We understand the difference between engaging content, and naff creative – We’ll be up front too if we think it’s a nonstarter. 

Our test-first approach to media management means we’ll assess the performance of all creative variations. We’ll do this across numerous different audiences groups to understand where the opportunity lies, and where the creative strategy needs revision. 

This approach not only improves the ability of media to ‘cut through’, but provides essential insight back to brands across all business areas including web, product, buying and operations. 

We Focus On Three Core KPI's

Developing and maintaining a brand image delivers you long term returns. We cover it.
Media that educates and inspires through engaging copy and creative. We cover it
Media that drives a call-to-action to purchase or supply their details for an offline sale. We cover it.

High value leads for service-led businesses

  • High-value sales can be hard to come by. Faze Digital implement digital marketing strategies that improve traffic, engagement and conversion rate.
  • Our campaigns are expertly set up and optimised. We provide transparent reporting and regular check-ins so you can follow your media investment performance. 

High volume sales for eCommerce businesses

  • High volume sales require agile media that adjusts to in market demand and capitalises on available opportunities. Our team are shopper-campaign experts providing you with a competitive edge. 
  • We develop extensive campaigns covering all viable angles of your product and service portfolio allowing you to rest easy. With transparent and detailed reporting and a performance-based approach, you're in good hands. 

A Managed Service

Our managed service provides you with the recommendations you need to drive more traffic and sales to your business. We handle the rest. We understand that many small businesses do not always have digital experts in-house which is why they rely on agencies to keep things simple, affordable, and effective.

Our retained digital marketing services ensures you get the leads and sales your business needs for growth while retaining affordability. All our prices are outlined in advance during your proposal and we also offer a performance marketing guarantee in the first 90 days. Our guarantee ensures that all clients get value from our services, otherwise, we’ll return any costs incurred through the retainer.

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Brief The Digital Team

Need support for your digital business? We’re on hand to answer questions and throw some ideas around with absolutely no obligation to onboard with the agency. We’d like to hear from you. 

Getting Started

Joining is straightforward

Drop us an email and we’ll be in touch. During the exploration phase we will discuss your objectives and provide you with a detailed proposal outlining our recommendations and our performance forecasts. 

Our forecasts provide you with detail on exactly what to expect from your marketing budget including the amount of traffic and leads we typically expect. 

Our build phase typically takes a couple of days and involves the implementation of all required code on your site including access to your ‘My Account’ area. Here you will have access to Google Analytics and custom Data Studio dashboards. We manage invoicing, support, reporting and any other useful bits.  

Our build phase across Google, Bing and Facebook is typically quite quick. We will provide you with all copy and creative for approval prior to any launch. You’ll then be able to see how your advertising will look, as an end-user would.

All new clients with us go through a 90 day assessment period. This gives the team sufficient time to optimise campaigns and implement any tweaks. In this period we will be working to hit the ambitious forecasts provided during the exploration phase. 

At the end of the 90 day period we’ll review together in person or on a call. Then it’s over to you to let us know what you think. 

Its rare we lose someone at this stage, its typically the start of a long and fruitful client-agency relationship. 

Sarah, AKQA
Michael was great to work with. Professional, methodical and picked the work up at a rapid pace. Great presenting back to clients.
Sarah, AKQA
Programme Director

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