Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

PPC Marketing

Drive sales by reaching users when they are showing the greatest intent for your products or services
  • PPC captures audiences who search for keywords and terms related to your business. It drives some of the strongest of any digital investment 
  • Through the process of keyword choice and bid refinement along with landing optimisation, Faze Digital will take your PPC performance to the next level

Full Service PPC

What does your service include?
Pay per click advertising in 2021 means more than just search engines. Through Bing (Microsoft Ads) and Google Ads its possible to capture audiences across display networks, YouTube and other video networks and even games consoles just as Xbox. Our approach to PPC is to ensure the right investments are delivered across the most effective parts of this channel. Our team are apt across other channels meaning your PPC budget remains correctly invested in cross-channel media accounts also. 
Whether your business objectives are to obtain more traffic, engagement, leads & sign-ups or sales, we can implement a PPC strategy that delivers exactly that. We focus on ensuring the account is optimised from the bottom up and will work with you to develop a deep understanding of your business and its audience to apply to your media. 
PPC Core
Drive sales and traffic at scale with campaigns deeply optimised to drive your prospects to into your funnel. Alongwith sales develop your brand and awareness
Video Advertising
Speak to your customers with engaging content delivered through platforms like Youtube. Drive engagement and brand or product awareness at scale.
PPC Remarketing
Many users choose not to complete an action in one step, particularly if research or consideration is needed. Make sure you're front-of-mind when they're ready to buy.
Programmatic Display
Deliver engaging formats on some of the biggest publishers on the net. With reach across Sky, DailyMail, Reddit and more, you're sure to get your message out.
Campaigns Managed
Brands Supported
Keywords Optimised
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Our Process

Core steps to get up and running
1) Brand Research
During the onboarding process, our team will conduct a thorough analysis into your business, including competitor analysis. We also provide an onboarding form to your team that enables us to collate essential information including product detail, audiences, and business priorities. This provides the basis of keyword research and account structuring. 
2) Keyword & Ad Development
Following step one we will move onto the account builds. Here the structure of the accounts are designed including layouts of campaigns, ad groups, landing pages and ads. Account structures are approved by our clients prior to commencing the campaign builds. 
Positive and negative keywords are created, segmented into brand and generic campaigns according to the products & services on offer. Further nuances are applied regarding data strategy and campaign objectives. If additional segmentation is required for PLAs & shopping campaigns or geo campaigns, these are also applied. 
Numerous copy iterations are created across all ad format types to ensure sufficient room for automated and manual optimisation. Following the build, we will review the forecasts provided during onboarding and supply these for approval. 
3) Launch and Optimisation


We typically start our new accounts with ‘phase match’-heavy keywords before assessing areas for refinement. This enables us to capture all relevant search terms and assess keyword bids, demands, and quality scores. At this point, we may begin landing page refinement to ensure optimal cost per clicks and high traffic. Optimising PPC accounts is a timely and involved process, you will have a dedicated account contact who understands your business, your account and the optimisations required to drive low lead cost and high sales volume across suitable audiences. Our partners at HubSpot have a bit more detail on the process if you’re interested in reading further otherwise get in touch with out team. 


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Really responsive and smart team, have been a great support to our digital marketing
Fabio, The Doctors Lab
Fabio, The Doctors Lab
Significant knowledge of the industry and experienced in running successful digital media campaigns. I highly recommend Faze Digital.
OOH Director

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