Agency Pricing

Clear & Simple Pricing

Our approach to pricing is to keep it upfront and transparent. We appreciate how important budgeting is, particularly for small and growing businesses. We never charge for anything not previously agreed. All required services are explained and costed out in your initial proposal. 

As part of our offering, all clients are given a dedicated contact based in the UK who is available for voice, video and face to face contact (diary permitting). All agreements are retained for 3 + 12 months (to include a 90 day assessment period) unless it falls under our consultancy service. 

Performance Marketing Guarantee*

Our Performance Marketing Guarantee is offered to all brands during their 90 day assessment period. The guarantee ensures all brands who activate media through Faze Digital receive a positive return on advertising investment. This is how we maintain our client retention rate. Clients aren’t tied into lengthy exit clauses. If media doesn’t perform and your forecasts are significantly missed then you will have the choice to exit and to have your retainer fees returned.

Service Packages

Support that is tailored to your needs
  • Typical requests without paid media fall under project support. This includes ad hoc campaigns. 
  • Media management and regular optimisations fall under the monthly Media Managed retainer.
  • In limited circumstances, it may be necessary to have a senior consultant support your business.
  • Consulting is charged per day and includes preparation and travel. These are typically high value / high expertise projects.
Project Support
  • Media and Competitor Audits
  • Creative Development
  • Content Creation
  • Website Development
  • SEO Auditing

From £425 Day Rate

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Media Managed
  • Sales Optimised Media
  • Social, PPC & SEO Optimisation
  • Web Server Management
  • Media & Digital Reporting
  • WordPress Management

From £575 Monthly

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Senior Consulting
  • Advanced Analytics
  • In House / Remote Training
  • Digital Strategy
  • Brand Strategy
  • Measurement Framework

From £750 Day Rate

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Prices exclude VAT. Media is charged separately and will incur a fixed 15% spend fee below £10,000 per month, variable for spends above this threshold.  The minimum paid campaign spend is £3,000 per month. 

Pricing is fixed for the duration of your retainer but subject to change on renewal according to our client-wide pricing structure and in line with inflation. 

For projects, we bill per hour with a day rate equivalent to 9 hours. We bill in half-day increments. 

We’re unable to accept credit accounts, all services are prepaid.

*Offer only available to new paid-media advertising clients during their first 90 days, limited to retainer fees paid during this period. Money back promise excludes any fees paid by the advertiser or Faze Digital to third parties to enable the provision of media delivery. Offer is only maintained in accordance with the individual services agreement between Faze Digital and the Advertiser.