Measurement that drives business insight to enable your brand to optimse and grow

Faze Digital was started by media analysts and will always have analytics at its heart. Digital is more science than art, decisions should be data-driven.
You supply the data, we’ll provide the recommendations. 
Our Campaigns Come With Standard Analytics

Whether its building out dashboards to automate reporting, getting to grips with audiences, tying offline behaviours to digital investments, exploring cloud storage like GCP for data warehousing...
We've got you covered.

Server Management

We have GCP engineers in the team who can support with server management. All services are hosted in Google's Cloud Platform where we offer clients dedicated server management for databases and websites. If you're tired of slow and underperforming websites, a key factor in SEO & onsite conversion rate...
We've got you covered.

Marketing Analytics

With analysts in the team and access to a network of data science experts, there’s a broad range of disciplines we can explore with you.  

Whether you’re looking for deeper media insights, bespoke research or technology implementations, we would be happy to discuss them. 

Analytics Focus

We’ve supported some big brands with analytics including Disney, O2, Giff-Gaff, Selfridges, Hilton Hotels and more. We’re honest too, if the task is too big, we might know who’s else is right for the job.

Online Media Performance 90 %
Offline Media & Econometrics 70 %
Onsite Analytics & eCommerce 78 %
Data Warehousing & Technology 65 %


Michael was great to work with. Professional, methodical and picked the work up at a rapid pace. Great presenting back to clients.
Programmes Director
Significant knowledge of the industry and experienced in running successful digital media campaigns. Highly recommended.
OOH Director
Really responsive and smart team, have been a great support to our digital marketing.

The Doctors Lab

Free Analytics

Digital Done Right Requires Analytics As Standard
Google Analytics
We'll implement Google Analytics and build out all required custom tracking code to ensure your media is tracked the right way. You'll get a login too.
Post Campaign Analysis
As well as automated reporting & weekly updates, we supply all campaigns with a post-campaign wrap up that is filled with essential business insight.

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