Frequently Asked Questions

A small list of FAQs from our prospects

Please get in touch with your questions and we will come back to you within one business day

What makes Faze Digital stand out?

We’re small and agile, meaning that we can offer highly affordable digital marketing services to clients from our small UK team. The business was founded by Michael who is a seasoned marketer with a particular focus on marketing effectiveness and measurement. He brings expertise from some of the UK’s largest advertising agencies including Havas and offers big brand expertise to small and growing businesses.

Faze Digital have expertise in setting up and managing marketing across Pay Per Click (PPC), paid social media marketing, display marketing and SEO, you can find our services here. Ultimately however we are wholly focused on driving sales, leads and engagement for our clients are who are looking for marketing services here in the UK. If you’re looking for small business marketing solutions for your growing brand, then get in touch to discuss further.


How are your digital marketing services priced?

We price our services based on the complexity of the project. Typically, clients that require media management will have a small retainer fee which is paid monthly. Separately they will have a media fee which covers the cost of buying any media. Included within this are all operations required to drive your business new sales and the time required to produce all the reporting needed for you to understand its performance.  

Some clients may request very specific work or projects. This might be supported with website copy, competitor analysis, SEO review, PPC review or some data work such as dashboard design. This will be priced based on the hours required to fulfil the work and delivered on an SOW (statement of work). You can find more here


Can I speak with your clients?

We understand that new clients can be very nervous about working with new agencies. Perhaps because of the complexity of marketing, or a poor experience in the past. We are certainly able to offer referrals and direct references, but we tend to hold off on firing a load of requests to current clients except where necessary. During the initial phases of contact, we will produce a highly detailed proposal that will outline exactly who we are, what we do and how we can specifically address your business challenges. If you are looking to run media, we will also provide forecasts from suppliers including Facebook and Google.

We understand that digital marketing can be complex, our proposals are worded in such as way as to make complex topics easy to digest for non-marketers. We’re of course available to deep dive and keep the chat at the level of detail that you’re comfortable with. New clients enter a 90-day assessment period where we provide our proof of concept. If we don’t deliver, why would you stick around?


I already understand digital marketing, I just need a hand.

Great! We love to support. We offer a project-by-project approach or a fully managed service. It’s down to you. The upside of sharing the work is that the retainer cost will be lower as the demands on us decrease.


How realistic are your sales forecasts?

About 80% of our clients reach the forecasted sales we provide during the proposal within the 90-day assessment period. About 95% reach it within 6 months. No forecast is perfect, but we err on the side of caution when providing a digital sales forecast to avoid disappointment.

The performance of your digital marketing and its ability to drive sales is as much a feature of good media as it is a good converting website. We are quickly able to identify issues with your website and its ability to convert your traffic into digital sales or leads. Where issues are found, we will provide recommendations for you to action and can support you if you choose, where feasible.


What does performance marketing mean?

Performance marketing is media that has the single purpose of achieving a sale, or conversion. Conversions take many forms for different businesses, a car retailer might want to capture leads, a publisher might want to generate a new subscription and a retailer will likely want a digital purchase.

Different media performs different actions, our media is set up to drive your pre-defined goals. We optimise costs, audiences, traffic, publishers, and numerous other levers to ensure your media is doing what you need it to do.


I’m worried my media might not perform, I tried it before, and it didn’t work out.

This is a common concern but the answers behind it are complex. In very simple terms, media does work for a majority of businesses. If you put a message in front of someone, it will resonate with them either consciously or subconsciously. The performance of any advertising is determined by ensuring the message is correct, the audience is ‘in-market and the cost of that message is proportional to the cost of goods or services being sold.

Faze Digital activate numerous different types of media to achieve your digital marketing goals. Ultimately however we’ll make a recommendation on the best approach for your business. If media hasn’t worked for you previously, it’s most likely because it was incorrectly planned and set up. Our planning process is detailed, and our forecasts speak to that. We rely on demonstrating the value of this within 90 days from onboarding.

There may be limited instances which we identify during the proposal stage to suggest that media isn’t the right option for your business under the circumstances. This might be because your site doesn’t convert traffic, your products are unsuitable for paid media, or your demand is too low. In this instance, we will make this clear and provide alternative options to you such as SEO or content.


I’m already running media; can you review it?

Absolutely! Whether it is PPC, social or something else. We’re more than happy to take a look and provide some pointers on how to improve it.

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