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Frequently Asked Questions

Affordable retained marketing support focused on small and growing businesses.


Our clients are small businesses who are experts in their respective fields but often come with questions regarding what working with Faze Digital entails. The FAQ below should provide some additional insight but you can always reach out to our team at hello@fazedigital.co.uk.

Do I need agency support?

Faze Digital focus on supporting small business with expert media executions and measurement across digital media. The value to our clients is having an expert with an eye for ROI and a deep understanding of the digital platforms.


The differences between a professionally executed campaign and a layman executed campaign can be the difference between a profitable ROAS or a significant sink on business resource and time.


Following an audit, we often encounter multiple areas for improvement across digital platform investments. These inefficiencies can erode client budgets and confidence in the value that digital media has to offer.


Clients choose to outsource digital marketing because it is complex, it’s also expensive to in-house, even if you have a general marketer in your staff. Faze can support all areas of digital execution from conception to execution to measurement and the all fiddly bits in between such as admin, accounting and technical (coding etc).


If you have a marketing team in place who are looking for additional support, specifically across digital then we can also support them to create a fuller strategy crossing both above and below the line media.

What is a retained service?

Digital is such a broad beast it often suits our clients to work using a retained service with a defined scope of work. Within that, we would typically take responsibility for ensuring the performance of your media and measurement across various marketing platforms.


The scope of work is custom fit to your requirements, but it may be that a project by project offering is more suitable in which case we can also offer this.


New accounts are retained for 3 + 12 months rolling, ensuring that the first 3 months are focused on ramping up media optimisation and completing all required implementations.

Do you have a minimum spend?

Our simplest retainer starts from £295, allowing for accounts supporting £1,000 media spend each month. Typically accounts spending less than this are better suited to a DIY approach to ensure a positive ROAS.


Faze Digital are still open to discussing accounts that are low spend, we can offer advice and guidance to get you started; once the minimum spend is met we will be happy to discuss a longer-term relationship with you.

Do you have a maximum spend?

We don’t impose an upper limit on spend, during your consultation we will fully explore whether our team can support your specific needs. This includes a review of all services you support, use or require and how our expertise may be a fit.


Larger spending accounts may benefit from working with a larger agency, this has benefits such as a broad volume of FTE’s to work on your media, but of course, this will incur additional costs. We specifically focus on supporting smaller businesses with smaller budgets (c.£10,000pm) and our retainers reflect the value that we can offer at these price points.


Digital Experts

We bring major agency expertise to support SME’s with solutions to grow and develop their online business.


Clear, upfront and transparent pricing supported with clear performance forecasts to enable you to easily manage your budget.

Managed Service

From end to end we can support the conception, implementation, reporting and optimisation of your digital activity. Freeing your valuable time.

Pay Per Click

Sales. Drive traffic and sales at scale for your products or services. Leave the forecasting, keyword research and optimisation to the experts

Social Media

Engagement. Drive quality engagements across specific audience groups to maximise your return on investment and empower your sales funnel.


Awareness. Generate broad reach across some of the biggest publishers on the web. Awareness drives engagement and latterly sales, empowering your other media.