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Fake News and Advertising

With today’s current political climate , ‘fake news’ is never too far from the agenda.  It’s hard to know how much fake news is a product of today’s politics or how much of today’s politics a product of fake news? 

A lot of us enjoy satirical news sites such as The Daily Mash, The Onion or the more highbrow Borowitz Report. However, the darker side of fake news has to be acknowledged too.  Content that deliberately misleads the reader whilst posing to be genuine, articles full of ‘alternative facts’. Should brands be supporting content that has mislead multiple voters throughout the world?

A recent marketing week article mentions how 47% of users have been suspicious of an article they have read, 75% agree that ‘you shouldn’t trust everything you read in a news article’. However, the article does highlight how audiences are returning more so to trusted newsbrands. 77% of respondents agree that familiar brands are reliable sources of information, and 66% believe content suggested by a premium publisher is reliable. More detail here:

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