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Consulting & Outsourcing

Faze Digital support freelancers, brands and even other agencies. If its media related, we'd like to hear about it
Get the support your need, even if its not an off-the-shelf solution. If there is a need for smart and passionate digital experts across your projects then we're interested to hear more.
  • We have a wealth of testimonials and references to supply. We only accept work that falls within our realm of expertise but chances are if it's media and technical, we're interested. 
  • We thrive on sharing knowledge. All too often the world of technical media means working in the background. Our approach is to bring this upfront and centre; To inspire and upskill teams. 

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Service Level Guarantees

These are things which are good to know up front, and apply universally to all our contracted work.
Direct Recommendations
There is no room for softly-softly. Our recommendations are put upfront and centre and backed up by empirical evidence. If we can't be specific, we'll say why.
Tracking & Reporting
We track everything clearly for you and your teams to see. This includes everything from documentation of technical projects, commenting on written projects, and time management for billable hours.
Communication is key, all our proposals are written in detail, often in the form of a statement of work. This makes clear the question, the approach, the delivery and any costs or client deliverables.
On Time
We understand the challenges of managing internal stakeholders, which doesn't need to extend to external stakeholders either. Our work is delivered on time unless agreed in advance with good reason.