Slide Analytics. Join the dots to truly understand the performance of your advertising investments. Know who your audience are, where to find them and what they want; to enable you to grow your base. Slide Data Solutions. Centralised data is essential to robust dashboarding and detailed analytics. We leverage solutions including the Google Cloud Platform to enable you to securely store and house your data. Slide Dashboarding. With the best data and measurement intentions without robust dashboards your efforts can fall flat. Whether it be Tableau, Data Studio or something else, our team can help you realise your full data potential.

Cross Channel Media

Understand the performance of your marketing investments across all channels. We can implement solutions covering attribution to enable a truer understanding of your digital media performance.


Data Warehousing

As your business and media grows, so with it will your data. We are well placed to implement solutions to securely store, join and classify your data to enable quick and easy access.


Data Visualisation

Once your data is in a good place you'll want to visualise and share it with your teams, clients or suppliers. We have solutions to enable the build of slick dashboards to help you understand what's what.


Faze Digital London

Faze Digital is a performance agency, providing solutions to grow digital brand recognition and online conversion. We have extensive experience in the management of digital strategy, media execution and analytics. Through our partners, we also offer services across branding, content and copy


What We Do

- Social media
- Shopper Management
- Measurement and Analytics
- Digital Strategy

We can support your business navigate the murky world of digital, freeing your time to focus on other areas of your business. Contact us today to find out how we can support you.


Where Have We Been?

The Faze business is new, founded in 2019 but the experience we bring is second to none. With backgrounds including Havas, Publicis, Ensighten, Group M and more; working on brands including O2, Giff Gaff, Nike, Disney, IHG and Apple.

To learn more about these solutions or how Faze Digital may support your business, please contact us below.